Brand your Code.

Design, publish and track your codes with QR-Lab.

QR-Lab is a free for use software to easily create and design QR Codes. A unique feature is the optimize function. Which allows you to automatically create a QR Code that fits your visual idea – no matter to which URL the code is linking to. Mobile brand building as easy as can be.

Just download for free. Design your QR Code. Check in – done.

Free Download

Version 1.4, OSX/Windows

Photoshop® PSD Im- and Exportfunction

QR-Lab im- and exports the Photoshop® (PSD) format and perfectly maintains your workflow.

Realtime QR-Code check function

QR-Lab checks your code permanently while you are designing it. Error sources are detected in realtime.


QR-Lab optimizes the QR Code to match with your visual idea – automatically.

Integrated QR-Code Generator

Generate QR Codes without being bonded to a certain url – with just one click.


Change your target-url as often as you want. There is no need to modify your code or create a new one.

Detailed Realtime-Statistics

View your visitor-response data in realtime. QR-Lab exports Excel® XLS-files.
Only 3 steps to your designer QR Code.
The QR-Lab software is easy to use. Generate a code, design it and check it in to our system, by using the check in function in the software. Your code ID will be generated automatically. Type in the URL your QR Code should link to and that‘s basically it. If you may have questions, just read the manual that comes along with the software download. It will lead you step by step through every function.
1. Download
After we have checked your data, you will receive your login credentials via email. Please log in to the user area and download the QR-Lab software.
2. Design your Code
Start designing your QR Code. If there are any questions, read the manual. It will guide you through all functionalities.
3. Check in your code
Click the check in button integrated in the QR-Lab software. Your browser will open. Now log in to the user area. Type in a target URL (do not change the code ID) and confirm.